Cronhooks: Schedule scenario webhooks

Rameez Raja

Make is really a great tool for automating tasks. One of its feature is webhooks, you can invoke that webhook to call your Make scenarios and that is a great fit for Cronhooks. Make also provides built-in scheduling but that works with pre-provided parameters, Here Cronhooks comes into play. Let's say you have a scenario with webhooks module which than links to sending an email to posted parameters. You can check more details to setup webhooks here.

Make Scene

When you create a scenario with webhook module it will give you an endpoint like this.

Make Webhook

Now we can use this webhook to send emails to our users by send a post request.
Content-Type: application/json

{"from": "[email protected]", "to": "[email protected]", "subject": "Helloo from Cronhooks!, "message": "How you doing mate?"}

Make Webhook

Now you can use Cronhooks to schedule emails to be sent at specific times as per you users timezones.

Make Cronhooks

This way you can schedule one webhook as many as times as you want.

To explore Cronhooks in more detail, visit the official website: Cronhooks.